Donate $ 25 and get Bolo original HA poster


Just pick one of these packages to donate. 

Each donation has gifts from Dad n me :)

​If you would like to donate more please contact me as there is a lot of gifts to pick from with your donations. MAHALO



Fundraising ​for movie about DAD N ME

Donate $50 and get Bolo original poster and 3 Bolo CDs

I am so excited to have the opportunity to make this movie with Jim Knowlton, who has worked last 20 yrs on TV programs as editor, producer, cameraman ,writer for PBS, Nat Geo and Discovery channel and  working with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Currently working on completing a film called Papahanaumokuakea Marine National monument: Where Nature and Culture are one, which has my music compositions in the film.

This film is a few years in the making as I am caregiving for Dad and in between writing ,putting together music for original sound track, now I have all I need except , yes what can make it a reality, MONEY :)

We will be telling a story of heart break, abuse, addiction, mental illness ,dementia ,caregiving and how the darkness can be overcome with forgiveness  positive attitude and Lots of Love and Aloha.

I will be taking you behind scenes as movie is being made, and having your 2 cents on how to make it, also producing original soundtrack and getting your valuable input in this also.