This group created for my love of the ARTS and MUSIC.
As funding and assistance has been removed for this vital part of a child's life I want to bring it back to the schools and in life in general as we know first of all the love of music for most children helps their brain function, left ,right brain activity as well as just being fun, if taught the right manner with patience and Love.
For myself it was a saving grace in a very abusive relationship with my Dad, and now after thinking to myself I would never have a relationship with Dad I AM caregiving for him and one of my care tools is ART MUSIC.
Music and Arts have also helped me through bullying, awkwardness, feeling I don't belong while in school as child and in life as an adult.
I have been blessed to have worked with Recycle Hawaii in a program called ARTIST AND THE ENVIRONMENT created by Howard Shapiro for 8yrs until funding stopped.
We went into schools, we as artist, activist ,promoters of good living to perform for the children, preschool up to high school all needing a different approach to open their spirit up to the good of recycling and life tools.
Now I want to do the same with this program called I AM.
We want to find out, explore, inspire the youth to use ARTS AND MUSIC to help them find themselves, reinforcing goodness, left and right brain connection for a full rounded well being, to connect and work with others to build positive relationships that can grow into leaders inspiring our community.
I have used ART MUSIC to also build a environment to care for myself and family building up a screen-printing design company,clothing line, a career in music with a Grammy nomination, Na Hoku Hanohano nomination, my MUSIC used in various film, videos. 

 ARTS and MUSIC  for OUR Children



ARTS and MUSIC for our children!!