Bamboo t-shirts with original designs by Bolo.

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ME n DAD on HAWAII NEWS NOW:SUNRISE SHOW. Check out more videos with dad on DAD N ME page.

 Mahalo for your connection to the ARTS and MUSIC , and to what I have to share here at my place. I am an artist / musician that is trying to mix my passions and incorporating them with issues that are important to me.

I started doing art before I can really remember, it came naturally, and is a blessing , one that I am sharing here, as well as in real life, as is music. I believe that if you have a blessing or talent that there are those in need that can be inspired by it and hopefully pass it on.

I am continually learning basic concepts in life, like music is medicine. I have been care giving for my dad for 2 yrs , as he had gotten a bleeding ulcer and was found passed out at home. Along with the blood lose, started the Dementia. As the years had gone by the dementia was getting a more extreme. I had not played music for dad as he was not receptive to much things at the time. Then recently I had my ukulele with me and he asked me to play music. The videos started when I was filming myself doing some new music, when he sat down behind me and was watching. I played it back to him and he liked the fact that he was in the SHOW with me :) Now he is learning to pay different instruments and sing as well. It has open his heart as well as mind and brought some happiness to life.

Bring happiness to life with your blessings and talents and try to pay it forward. That to me is the ALOHA SPIRIT :)

Watch the video as I create this hat freehand style with permanent marker. 


Bolo Music Cds


Mahalo to members at HARA that voted for this CD, 'EKAHI, for nomination in the instrumental album of the year for Na Hoku Hanohano awards, May 23.

​Just to be nominated is so big for me, as I have had a long road of ohana kuleana ,that I have been going thru this past 10 years, and music and performing has taken a back seat to this.

This year has been organized so that I can move forward with music, art business, and also a multitude of diverse community service driven activities.